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    Mounted and trailed air blast sprayers GEO M 1000 Litres.

    Description:  Trailed Geo M

The Geo M range of sprayers, intended for orchards, is available in 1000, 1500 or 2000 litre trailed models with incorporation sieve. They are all equipped with a hand-wash tank, a rinsing tank is built into their robust chassis. piston diaphragm pump, increased spraying accuracy. For greater convenience in the course of the various stages of work, the Geo M is fitted with two wet gauges (one in front and the other on the left-hand side). Its reduced overall size enables it to get extremely close to crops. The 750 or 850 blower with adjustable vanes provides optimum airflow control, single outlet - Airflow rectifier (on 850 or 900 mm blower) - "VDR" spray control.



Capacity (l)

1000, 1500 or 2000

Rinsing tank (l)

102 l on 1000 l tank and 125 l on 1500 and 2000 l tanks

Hand-wash tank (l)


Pump type

Piston diaphragm

Pump output (l/min)

89 on1000 litres and 115 on 1500 or 2000 litres

Spraying control

Manual or electric DPM2 (option)

Turbine diameter (mm)

750 or 850 on 1000 litres and 850 on 1500 and 2000 litres

Air guide vanes

On Geo M with 850 turbine

Distribution boom

Stainless steel with 12 nozzles

Nozzle holder

Single nozzle or double nozzles (option)


Coupling clevis or pivoting attachment yoke (option)

Type of outlet


Tyre type

10.0/80.12 or 10.075/15.3 or 11.5/80.15.3 (depending on model)


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